My name is Lisa Wilcox, Owner + Designer of Little Foot Clothing Co.  I am creative by nature and I have a passion for designing.  I spent my early years studying and pursuing my Architecture career. I was in the industry for 12 years when the economy crashed and I was left jobless. This is how Little Foot Clothing Co. began!  

When my boys were born, I could not find cool baby and toddler clothing that I could afford. Everything I liked was very expensive. As I was searching for baby clothing in my price range, I had a hard time with colors and patterns. I thought to myself; "I should make my own hip and modern kids clothing." When I was young, my grandmother taught me to sew.  I started hunting for fabrics and pulled out my sewing machine! My business literally started on my dining room table!  I wanted to offer stylish and affordable kids clothes to everyone! Now five years later, I'm living my dream of designing my own children's clothing line.  I love making children feel stylish and confident!  The rest is history. 

All my apparel is made from soft cotton spandex knit fabric which is perfect for baby skin and an active little one.  Everything in our store is handmade with the highest quality possible.  We make all our own patterns and have tested our apparel on our own children.  We have a hip and modern vibe to our kid's clothing line.

We're happy to announce we are going to extend our apparel to "tween sizes" coming in May 2017.

Thank you for all the continued love and support.

xo, Lisa 


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